Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Couch Quandary

With UT taking care of the move and Craig's list being so great out here, I figured I should get a few pieces of furniture before we move. I'm trying to avoid our empty house feeling like a rollerskating rink.

I've been looking for a brown leather couch for the last few months and finally found one that's perfect. I have such a hard time with couches. All the the living room design photos that I like have white couches or light beige. I have had the Pottery Barn Basic couch for the last couple years and although I like it, it has some problems.
 Three problems to be exact. Sticky jam fingers on Finn, red Sharpe in the hands of Liam and rough and tumble wear doled out by Dane. Needless to say a light slip cover is not the best combo with children. I've decided to put this couch in the living room with the ikea slip cover (which fits the PB couch and costs $47 dollars thank you very much ikea) That way it will hopefully stay clean and can be re purposed.

So onto the family room where we really need a couch that works with children. After a little research and asking around, leather it is. It cleans up beautifully and wears like a dream. Now if I had my dream leather couch it would be from Restoration hardware and look something like one of  these.
But for some reason we don't have $4645.00 on hand. More like $400....Tops. So the hunt was on and here is what we got. So excited to have something to put in our family room.

Plus Rory (who lovingly drove all over tarnation picking them up and putting them in storage) said they were really comfortable to sit on. And in the end isn't that what really matters.

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