Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frozen Posies Emblem

I'm working on my emblem for Frozen Posies. Yes it's official I have chosen Frozen Posies as my photography name. Not only did it receive the most votes (on blogs, facebook, email and in person) but it also has the most meaning. It's a play on words like freeze frame and posing for a photo. It also brings back the childhood memories of ring around the posies. Which I love because children are involved in so many of my photo shoots. Capturing their ever changing expressions before they change with time is such a delight to me. I first thought that a posie was a type of flower and spend quite a bit of time trying to find one or at least a photo of one. Then I came to the realization that a posie refers to a group of flowers, any flowers at all. Those who know me, know that flowers are another passion of mine. My dear friend Angie and I have been doing wedding flowers together over the last year and on our own long before that. So with these frozen-flower-photography images in mind this is what I have come up with. It would appear in the bottom of my photos. Very small and probably just a pale grey.