Saturday, September 26, 2009

Come visit my House

Now that I'm older I would give anything to take a tour of my childhood home. I have faint memories of how everything looked but I'm sure it would be very different from adult eyes. I can see bits and pieces in photos but can't quite get the full vision. So for this reason (and the fact that I just did a little re-decorating) I'm going to document some of my house (the parts that weren't messy that is).I just finished making this pillow a few days ago out of free fabric remnants. It has a hidden "L" "D" and "F" in it.
Why yes those are exposed pipes like a prison bathroom
We have an insane amount of toys, Rory's parents spoil our little darlings every chance they get and we wouldn't have it any other way.
My Dad painted this and it makes me think of him every time I see it.
Someone has too much craft stuff....Rory! (just kidding it's mine)
Should I fry them up green? name that movieHis and Hers
I got most of these from e-bay and I'm just itching to have a tea party
My mom made me this quilt to remember different events in my childhood.
I have so many photos and used to have them in silly little groupings all over my house. Then Emily Deans gave me the idea of a gallery wall. Love it!
I eat cherry tomatoes like they're popcorn
Every woman needs a china cabinet,......for her inappropriate amount of dishes.
Great Craigs list find for $50 bucks!
Thanks to Margret Everton for this great idea. I'm still collecting M's so send any you find my way.
This was a great idea given to me by Debbie Dickson. You dip fabric in liquid starch and smooth it onto a wall. It dries very secure and stiff. When it's time to move out of your apt you get it wet and it just peels off the wall with no damage. I used two curtain panels that happen to fit just perfectly. the whole thing took about 20 min.


The Quinones Family said...

Oh how I miss those EV apartments! I truly do! You've done a beautiful job decorating Anne! :)

Mom said...

I am speechless. I cannot beleive how gorgeous your home is. Also, I am still recovering from your last email to me. Which family home are you remembering glimpses of, maybe I can fill in the pieces? Love all ya'all

Cherisse said...

I love your place, I would never guess that you live in EV!!! Your style is timeless and beautiful!!! It was func hatting with you the other night:)

Cassie said...

I need to see more of the fabric wall! You have such great ideas--so fun to see them all documented.

Ashley said...

Ok, now I need to come visit and see your adorable place. I'm always amazed at all you do to decorate a rental. I feel like I never know what to do since I don't know how long I'll be in one place.

julieb said...

i love love the fabirc wall paper!
and the living room looks great. cant wait to see it in person in a few weeks..

Taryn & Brendon said...

if you have a tea party can i come? :)

love the redecor...looks awesome.

Nellie said...

The chic-est EV apartment ever! I always wish I had been creative enough to think of painting before our last 2 years there. Painting for 5 years seems much more worthwhile than painting for 2. Oh, and I always intended to rig some kind of skirt to cover my prison bathroom sink pipes, but also never got around to that, either. Hmmmm. There's a trend here.

Super B said...

Oh my goodness. I am still trying to catch my breath. There are SO many aspects of your decorating that I LOVE!! LOVE, I tell you. I won't list everything for then this comment would be insanely long. (you always knew I was a big talker.)
But, I love everything. I am definitely bookmarking this page to use as inspiration!

Ryan and Christina said...

Oh I love love love this! Magazine worthy for sure! I am going to fly you to my new home so you can decorate it for me, oh... and stay for a week, and help me buy cute dishes, furniture, tea cups, picture frames, etc! Ü

Kim said...

Wow. I had heard of how cute it was, but I was not expecting anything this amazing. When I first went there I was wondering where the pictures of your EV apartment were. I thought they were pics of your previous house or something. Wow, such a transformation. So amazing! So cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

sara jensen said...

I am Kim Ning's older sister. She sent me a link to your blog so I could check out your cool ideas. I love your apartment! It's gorgeous. I am crazy about decorating too- I am so glad I could see all your cool ideas!

sara jensen said...

I just got on again and showed my husband the fabric on your wall. I love your china cabinet, that whole picture looks like it came out of a decorator's magazine! Thanks for joining my blog. I just joined yours (hope that's okay:) Kim has really been inspired by your home, I'm glad you live near her so that she can get decorating advice from you.

Centsational Girl said...

Wow, I love your gold vignetes and collection of Ms on the wall. Absolutely lovely, warm and inviting home !