Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wreath Phase.......Phase 1

Some girlfriends and I were shopping at Le Cirque baby boutique in Menlo Park. It’s one of those fabulous “look don’t touch” stores that we love to go to and just dream….dream of spending $360.00 on a cashmere cardigan for our two year old, only for it to get sharpied ten minutes later. It has some incredible cloths, toys, books, bedding and décor. In my opinion; there are two reasons to go to le Cirque 1. To get what ever you can afford just to have in wrapped in one of their tiffany-esque blue boxes and 2. For great inspiration and decorating ideas. While we were there, we saw this incredible white feather wreath. It looked so soft, so plush, so glamorous and pure as the driven snow. We admired it for quite a while and checked out the tag. It read $112.00. Being the crafter little vixens that we are, we decided we could easily whip one up ourselves. So here is the product of some inspiration and trip to Michaels.

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Mom said...

Gorgeous! Love your new blog